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There are many different types of collectors. Knowing this we offer coins dating back into the 1800's all the way up to currently minted coins. We are members of PCGS and NGC. Most collectors are looking for extra fine to un-circulated coins for their collections.

As a service to our customers we have added a metals content chart to our site. This allows you to know how much of a precious metal is in your coins. Melt value is determined by multiplying the current spot value of either gold or silver by the actual weight in gold or silver in each type of coin. We pay a percentage of the melt value of coins that have no numismatic value. The percentage depends on what the smelters are paying at the time. So even though your coins may not have a high collectible value they do have the value of silver or gold in them.

If you have a larger collection that you would like to have appraised we suggest that you make an appointment. This allows us to make sure the shop is adequately staffed so we can spend the time we need to on your collection and still make sure we can service our other customers.
More and more coins are being sold for their metal content and being melted down. This means there are going to be fewer coins for the collector and the ones that still exist will most likely be of a higher grade.